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Re: Type 44 odometers

Just as an FYI, I tore out my odo in the 84 4k last weekend and did the
cyano-acrylic thing to the drive gear. Actually, I over did it. The glue
dripped onto the worm gear as well. I was sure it was going to be
ruined, but I kept turning the input shaft until the glue was dry.
Luckily to no ill effect. The grease kept the gears from bonding
together. I popped the gear off, which indicates that the glue didn't
hold it onto the shaft either. I cleaned the grease off and _carefully_
put glue on the shaft and slid the gear back on there. It's on good now
and works great. I guess it can start counting from 205k miles after
being dead for 3 years.

scott miller wrote:
> >>Have you ever tried rebuiling with VW gears? i have a few Golf
> >>This is a particular size soft flexible
> >>gear - teeth wear off
> My '87 VW Quantum Synchro had a few brass gears in there, I was able to
> repair the slipping odometer.  All plastic on my '86.  My local VW/Audi
> guru was amazed at the brass gears, he tried to find a source, no luck.
> Scott Miller
> Holland/Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
> '90 200tqw
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