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Re: Drunk Driving

At 08:13 PM 7/8/98 -0400, Michael Murphy wrote:
>Further to this thought, I submit that while drunk driving is a
>continuing problem (at least here in the US), a more frightening problem
>is road rage drivers.  Case in point.  On Monday, while driving home
>from JFK airport at 23:30 on the Southern State Parkway (NY State
>highway), I was witness to at least 15 vehicles that drove way in excess
>of the speed limit and for the most part were driven in a perilous
>manner.  Now I'm crusin' at 60-65 in the old 100, and very capable of
>taking this twisting road at maybe 40MPH above the speed limit, but I
>stay at the limit (+5-8MPH), because from experience I know that passing
>one of these off-the-wall-would-be-racers would only precipitate an

It's been my experience that road rage is nearly always precipitated by the
road rage recipient doing something stupid, ignorant, incredibly
inconsiderate, illegal or just assignign(sp?).

If people would follow all the rules of the road and pay attention, there
would be little or no road rage and we'd all be able to drive much faster
than we do now.

Personally, the *only* traffic law I break is the speed limit because,
except in residential areas, they're nearly all ridiculous.  I also nearly
never give up my right of way.

People should be required to pass both a written and road test every few

Paul Wilson