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I don't mean to get people "started" on this question, but...

What is wrong with Michelins, especially Energy MXV4's?

Before I joined this list, I did a net search and found some sort of a
hybrid FAQ/mailing list/survey about various brands of tires.  Most of the
comments collected seemed to be from driving enthusiasts (various car
brands, driving types).  While there were some detractors, the general
consensus seemed to be that MXV4's were among the better choices for
daily-driven tires that coped well with snow.  Also, a highly-respected &
recommended multi-brand tire dealer in Seattle (Upenieks Tire) said they
were excellent for my '88 5ksq in our usually wet weather.

The more I read this list & check the archives, the more I find negative
about Michelin.  Are they just bad for Audis?  Quattros?

BTW, I paid $400 for a set (w/install) a couple months ago and am quite
happy with them.  This is more for future reference.  My wife's '94 Jetta
GLS has Michelin Alpines on the front and we've done well with them in all
kinds of weather.