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Re: Boost controllers

Ali, I have seen some of the posts, and it pretty much seems to boil down
to the fact that the ECU controls almost everything. Where as the other
type of cars have a mechanical boost control (I used to be able to just
adjust a rod on my Mitsu Mirage Turbo, then later the Wollen Racing Team
made my cig lighter into boost pressure regulator - a secret Showroom Stock
trick <G>) and you chip their ECU for timing and fuel mixture, I gather
that ours has to work with each part together as a whole. And if you go and
add a manual control to it, it pretty much throws everything out of whack.
Meaning do you want to risk detonating your engine for a few pounds more of
boost that might only get you a second quicker? I'd suggest go the newer
Hoppen 250HP kit route. Sure it is $4500, but it is MADE to work with each

And for those on this list not familiar with the new Hoppen kit, it
includes chip, modified manifolds, new larger turbo, cat-back exhaust
system, and I think a few other items. And hey, it IS from Hoppen, the
ex-VW/Audi Motorsports Guru.

At 02:25 AM 7/9/98 -0400, AJahed@aol.com wrote:
>I was wondering if an HKS EVC or Greddy Profec could be used to increase the
>boost in an A4 1.8T?  Someone on the A4 board said that it "CAN'T" be done on
>Audi's and that the only way to increase boost in an A4 1.8T is by using a
>chip.  He used a lot of CAPITAL letters and !!! as if he was yelling ;)
>Thought I'd post the question here and get some real answers.
>Best Regards,

Mike Z