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Re: Michelin

And what about the Pilots? I thought they were supposed to be good sticky
"gumball" tires. Though not Prox's, I have heard they are quite good for
AutoX and street.

At 12:51 AM 7/9/98 -0700, AMZ wrote:
>I don't mean to get people "started" on this question, but...
>What is wrong with Michelins, especially Energy MXV4's?
>Before I joined this list, I did a net search and found some sort of a
>hybrid FAQ/mailing list/survey about various brands of tires.  Most of the
>comments collected seemed to be from driving enthusiasts (various car
>brands, driving types).  While there were some detractors, the general
>consensus seemed to be that MXV4's were among the better choices for
>daily-driven tires that coped well with snow.  Also, a highly-respected &
>recommended multi-brand tire dealer in Seattle (Upenieks Tire) said they
>were excellent for my '88 5ksq in our usually wet weather.
>The more I read this list & check the archives, the more I find negative
>about Michelin.  Are they just bad for Audis?  Quattros?
>BTW, I paid $400 for a set (w/install) a couple months ago and am quite
>happy with them.  This is more for future reference.  My wife's '94 Jetta
>GLS has Michelin Alpines on the front and we've done well with them in all
>kinds of weather.

Mike Z