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86 5KCSTQ: E-brake question

Hi all,
I have recently rebuilt my rear calipers because of sticking prollems and
notices that the e-brake cables are VERY different in length.  They both
move freely but the drivers side cable is a good 4-5inches longer than the
passenger side.  They are soooo far off that the adjusting bolt is backed
all the way out and the bracket that hooks to the cables is at a 45deg
angle and there is still not enough slack for the passenger side cable to
fully release the caliper (origin of sticking brakes).
My question/concern is that I don't know which (if either) of the cables
are correct and that the adjusting bolt is so rusted that I can't move the
nuts.  I would prefer not to replace a correct cable since they are in good
shape but I feel I will prolly need to replace one or the other and the rod
that comes up through the floor.  Any ideas/suggestions/part numbers (I
will have to mail order the cables and or rod cause there is no dealer
local to me, i.e. within 100miles).