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Heater core + ?

I take everything back that I've ever said negatively about Hoehn Audi in
Carlsbad, CA.

Yesterday, when my 89 200T's heater core broke, I was only 2 exits away from
them.  Now they're replacing it, and I'm driving a free loan car.  

So what else should I have them do while they're in there?  I'm paying a lot
in labor, I'd like to get my monies worth.  

Example: If the dash has to come out on this model, I asked that they install
a bulb in the empty "check engine" socket so I can read my fault codes a
little easier.  I'll ask them to replace the spring on the vent flap that's
underneath the glove box. 

The radiator and all the hoses in the engine compartment are new, less than
10k mi on them.  

Some coolant leaked on the carpet on the front passengers side.  Will the
carpet be stained?

I appreciate any btdt's that I can add to my constantly enlarging Qlist


Scott Spangenberg

89 200T, 188k mi
85 5ks, gone
79 5ks, gone