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Re: Front-end shimmy-dance when I brake 5KCSTQ


Probably a warped rotor.  The wrench who replaced a wheel (both front
wheels?) probably used an air impact wrench and severely over-torqued the
bolts.  If you are lucky you can loosen the bolts and then re-torque them
properly to 81 ft-lbs and the rotors *may* straighten out.  If you're not
lucky, it's time for new rotors.

NEVER EVER let a monkey lad (TM) loose with an air impact wrench anywhere
near your car during a reassembly process.  IME, most of these guys don't
even know that torque wrenches exist much less that they should be used

At 09:06 AM 7/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>This could be a million things, but I know you guys know the right answer.
>When I'm on the highway in my 5KCSTQ -- the steering wheel wiggles
>back-and-forth when I hit the brakes   (sometimes pretty violently on hard
>brakes) .  This car has always been as smooth as a baby's butt on the
>highway especially -- and has never given me any kind of trouble re: the
>front-end - especially when braking.
>It only does this when I hit the brakes.  I'm wondering if this could have
>anything to do with the steering rack going bad on the car.  I'm 5 days
>away from having it installed..  I also just did the front brakes less than
>2 mos. ago, and the right side (passenger) front hub and wheel bearings
>were just replaced 3 weeks ago.
>What the hell is causing it?   Is it just in need of an alignment?  The car
>does pull to the right slightly on the highway.. Also, this relates to my
>earlier Q's re: getting the front-end upgraded when I do the rack.  Should
>I just do everything at once?  new gas shocks, springs, strut bearings,
>Thanks for the help -- any clues would be greatly appreciated!
>87 5KCSTQ
>85 4KSQ
>82 VW CAbrio
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