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FW: Guide pins for Girling 60 calipers.


Exactly!  The carrier guide pins are the things that commonly break on
the G60's.  Not sure how, but seen it a lot.  In fact, I've seen
instances where the guide pins bolts were soddered in because the pin

Anyways, the only source for these (without buying the whole assembly)
seems to be the junkyard.  But, I believe a rebuilder will accept
calipers with broke guide pins in exchange (with about $300 extra) for a
rebuilt set.


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> Subject: 	Guide pins for Girling 60 calipers.
> I've heard of people replacing just the pins, but I can't find a
> source or
> part number for the guide pins alone. Audi only lists the guide pins
> and
> carrier as an assembly - at that price I'm better off going with
> rebuilt
> calipers, which include both. Any sources?
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