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Re: 83' URQ Dash Removal

> > At least the color coding is almost identical.  I measured the switches
> > with meters and power supplies to identify what they did, then compared
> > to the Bentley for the old ones.  About 50 cut'n'splice jobs - be
> > careful in there with your heat gun when you heatshrink them.
>         Yes, the color codes were fine except for the dimmer switch which
> was a little different.  ANd the new stalks for the wiper/blinker/cruise
> contorl was fine except for the cruise.  It is way different. 

Yes, the dash/switch lighting wiring was a bit different - I suspect
this is where I may have crossed my ignition power and LRR power, but
who knows?  (everything works without the LRR in place.  oops)

I used the old style multi stalk.  One less headache, but the newer ones
do look nicer.

I'd compare two Bentleys to figure out that cruise wiring.  Good luck!

Huw Powell