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RE: 20v URQ Dynamics

Uhhh, Brett,
	Have you compared the weights lately.  Granted an old Iron block
V8 with Iron heads weighs a ton but Most newer V8s which use aluminum
blocks are much LIGHTER than the 20v Turbo motor which is a VeRY heavy
motor for its size.  Hell, even the heavy Audi V8 is right in there weight
wise with the 20v turbo.  I think (read THINK???) it is even lighter even
though the car is heavier.  Just thought I would mention this.  Does
anyone know the exact weight of a 20v turbo block and head with turbo

not to mention an itsy little 2.2l engine weighs a heck of a lot less =
sucks half the gas...

Brett Dikeman

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)