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Re: '82 coupe erradic gauges


This is not my thread, but I may have the same problem (with a bad volage
stabilizer that is) as the  82 Coupe owner.  In my 83 Ur-Q the oil temp
(graphic display) shoots right up whenever the heater fan is turned on.
Can you tell me where the voltage stabilizer is located?
Also,  you keep mention the Bentley, which one do you have,  while I have
the set for my 5kqw, I can't find one for my 83 Coupe Quattro.

86 5ktqw
83 Ur-Q

-----Original Message-----
From: Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com>
To: Bryan Nielsen <audubon@voyager.net>; quattro group
Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 15:20
Subject: Re: '82 coupe erradic gauges

>> I recently replaced the dash on my '82 coupe.  Since the replacement my
>> and temp gauges have been running higher than before, and are somewhat
>> erradic.  On both of the '82 coupe's I've had the fuel gauge has gone
>> to the 3/4 mark when filled up.  Now the gauge sits above the full line
>> fill up.  Any ideas on what's going on here?   Thanks!
>sounds like a problem with your voltage stabilizer.  This is a little
>three pin device.  It drives both those gauges, regulated voltage >
>gauge > sensor > ground.  If the voltage is higher than it's supposed to
>be your results would occur.  Find it on the back of your instrument
>cluster, measure the voltage between the bottom pin #1, + and the middle
>pin #2, ground.  It is supposed to be 10v (9.5-10.5 ok).  If you can't
>find it, email me and I'll scan the picture in Bentley and email it to
>Huw Powell