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Re: Pebble in front brake

John R. Boyce wrote:

> I was wondering if any one else has experienced this problem.

Something just as strange happened to me once, on my '85 5KT. Coming into work
one day, the front-end suddenly started shaking and shimmying violently.  I
thought I'd completely toasted a CV joint or something, and had the car put up
on a rack. One outboard boot was torn, but that's it -- what's more, the shimmy
had mysteriously disappeared.  I cleaned out and regreased the joint, and
replaced the boot, and never had the problem again -- this was more than three
years and 60,000 miles ago.

I suspect a stone got into the CV joint and caused the shimmy (a small angular
displacement at the center would make for a pretty good-sized displacement at
the tire surface).  Later (perhaps when I backed out), the stone just fell out
and everything was fine.


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