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Passat 30v V6 quattro/synchro.

It is exactly that. Quattro. 

VW is labeling it a "synchro", but mechanically it is identical to the quattro
system, albeit with a longer propshaft to reach the now further back rear

Otherwise, the Passat is much the same car, though longer and with cheaper
interior materials and details. The V6 version will have the option of nice
looking wood trim. The rest are rather spartan, with cheesy mousefur material
on the seats and softer suspensions. The suspension setup is the same, though
the spring/damper rates are softer. Mechanically things are much the same
between the two, save a few mods that follow stretching the body (structure,
propshaft, etc). And obvious sheetmetal differences. I believe the brakes are
the same, though I'm not 100% certain on that. Oh and did I mention the disco
dash lights. BLUE lighting! Thanks, but make mine amber.

Basically it's a good option if you're looking for a family hauler more than a
back-roads sportster. Nice looking car, though conservative. Abt can fix most
of the drawbacks, though you're back at Audi prices, and the interior is still
second fiddle to Audi's (IMO).

Also, has anyone driven a chipped 1.8tq and compared it to a chipped I-5 20vt
car? I'm wondering how much of a downgrade in performance exists between the
two. (eg does the weight and gearing make up for the lack of power?)



91 200q 176k TAP, Bil/Eib, Stebro, Euros, etc etc. 
95 Wrangler 33k