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Re: P/N help... drunks


And I guess where one can stick his foot in his mouth?

Scott Wood
,90 CQ

> From: trharlan@one.net
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: P/N help... drunks
> Date: Thursday, July 09, 1998 6:52 AM
> I realize that I'm wasting b/w, but I am genuinely in a pinch. Please
> send me the part # for the multi-function temp sender in the 80/90/CQ.
> Please send to trharlan@hotmail.com, as this is the only Email I can
> access at work. And do it OFFLIST. I have faith that one random lister
> will do a little unrewarded work for me, and that everyone will have the
> common sense to avoid triple posting, and keep stupid B/W down.
> And this drunk thread... Let's keep it nonconfrontational. This is a
> situation where all non-engineers finally think that they can share
> their brilliance with the list. Don't do it. I declare a voluntary
> moratorium. This list is about Audis. Try rec.alt.politicos...
> Ted Harlan
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