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Re: Front-end shimmy-dance when I brake 5KCSTQ

>According to Mr. Bentley:
>For steering wheel shimmy upon brake application:
>(1) For low mileage cars (under 50K miles I recall) replace front 
>(2) For higher mileage cars, first check for worn control-arm bushings. 
>new bushings are needed, replace first, then rotors if necessary.
On my two Synchros I replaced all bushings and rotors and the problem 
came back worse eventually.  Same for two brothers' 4kcsq's.  One 
replaced his front wheel bearings on suggestion from local Guru, he and 
the new owner have had many years trouble free since.  Lost both my 
Synchros to deer.

Scott Miller
Holland/Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
'90 200tqw

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