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Re: 944 Turbo S Prices

But I doubt John had $32K in cash for the car.  If he did, I hope he put
down a little and invested the rest.

7% is a feeble rate of return (although the near future doesn't look as
bright as the near past (excluding last years tops-turveyness)).  I've
averaged 22% per annum (including last year's dismal 5% safe harbor move)
for the past 10 years with my 401k's.  And I'm not the investment genius I
was in college either. <g>

So let's up the 7% to 15% (still easily attainable over the past 18 years
with a decent moderately aggressive growth-focused mutual fund).  The 32K
would double three times to a quarter million dollars (32K - 64K - 128K -
256K).  Yahoo!  You could afford the second place finisher in the Ultimate
Quattro Contest with that money... <g>

At 08:56 PM 7/9/1998 , you wrote:
>If you put $32K down adjusted for today's dollars you would have one
>heck of a nice car seeing as your money just about doubles every 10
>years at 7% compounded annually and we are talking 16 years.
>So you ask, "what kind of car payment is that?"  This must be the
>$64,000+ question.

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