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Recommended brake pads for a 4kq and good source for ATE Powerdiscs

hey all, just wondering what a good pad would be for a 4kq.  Both my 
father and i need to do a whole brake job on our cars, so its time to do 
some upgrading of the brake system.

I have heard that metalmaster pads are good all around pads, except for 
that little bit of warm up each day.

But anyway, any opinions and also where is a good cheap source for the 
ATE powerdiscs...

anyway, hope i dont start another flame war...i seem to be really good at 
that...right Scott J.?


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998

1985 4000 S Quattro 180,000+ miles, 1998 Pearl White (almost at 
least...no body damage fixed...yet), Koni Yellows/2Bennett, strut brace, 
Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, MOMO 4pt harnesses, Hella XL Driving lights 
(2x130w), magnacor wires....<out of breath>
1986 Oceanic Blue, 4000CS Quattro--Parting Out(ask if you want anything)
My father's: 1986 4000 CS Quattro--Graphite 161,000 miles