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dumb #ss tow truck drivers

Spotted a Toyota Previa(one of those egg-shaped vans from about 5-6 years
ago; if you thought the "All New" Sienna looked familiar, guess why, it
ain't "all new") Alltrac, getting towed with the front wheels lifted.

Guy throws the truck into gear, and he didn't notice(but I did) the front
wheels, even with them gripped in those holding straps, do about a
half-spin  as he took off.  I was too far away but I'll bet there was a
rather unpleasant noise associated with that slight spin, and I'll bet
there was one VERY unhappy Previa owner the next day.

During the course of the day, I saw 3 more, all All-Tracs.  All were also
Maroon.  In fact, I can't remember seeing a non-Maroon Previa.  Ever.

I do remember less than 5 years ago, a friend's mother drove one(we used to
joke aobut it: "The Eggmobile!  Seats a dozen, room to spare") until one
day when the tranny started acting up.  2 days later, it was pronounced
"worthless" by (I think the Toyota dealer) because the "transmission could
seize at any moment" leading to an obviously dangerous situation.  OTOH,
maybe the dealer saw a sucker from a mile away and decided the car would do
nicely on the used car lot(or hell, maybe they just decided the car would
do nicely on the used car lot  and really did have a problem!)

I would be interested to hear if anyone has hear similar things about the
van.  Just curiosity.

PS:While on the subject, I noticed the S6 at Mt. Washington getting towed
back down the mountain(apparently, shifter problems.)  They used a normal
truck and a set of dollies.  Interesting that at such a quattro-saavy event
and with Audi mechanics(not to mention Mitsubishi and Eagle mechs) around,
they didn't have a flatbed available.

Brett Dikeman
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