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U.K. and BRD urq's

In message <D13BD3B69401D211B31000A0C9CE055B0810AE@sjmc0e001.mitsui.com> "Daily,DerekSJMCG" writes:

> Time for that great game we all like to play....Q-spot!

Wonder what the guy on the A606 near Melton Mowbray thought last night.

There's a half-mile straight that goes down one side of a valley and
up the other side.  He was driving along at a reasonable speed
around half-past midnight when ZAP!  Something shot past.

"What the &$#@ was THAT?"


"Dunno, but that was another one."


"Hell, maybe we'd better pull over."

And three ur-quattro MBs drift round the bend at the top of the hill
without anyone touching their brakes - and they're gone.

 Phil Payne
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