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Urq MB

Would anyone like to comment on the following statements made by my garage
regarding my MB Urq:

1    MB purely mechanical control of boost, no electrical control
2    WR & MB turbo's are the same size, only the cooling is different
3    WOT switch has no effect on boost
4    There is no overboost on an MB, only on a 20V
5    Diff locks are never used so don't expect then to work therefore not a
warrenty item
6    WOT switch just needs cleaning not replacing, no its not a sealed unit

I may have misunderstood the setup so input on these would be appreciated.

BTW has anyone else seen a Hitachi ECU with what looks like a German
factory fitted chip with a paper label with writing on, and spreading of
the laquer where the chip has been removed/inserted? Interesting point is
the fact that it looks like factory fitting, not an aftermarket from the

Personal replies to DRoxburgh@msn.com please.