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RE: experiences with urq throwout bearings

Hi Steve,
 It can't be a wheel bearing because the car does it at idling while not moving. The car does
it with the clutch out or in or in and in gear. Sound changes slightly when the clutch is in.
 When I'm driving the car I cannot hear the sound from inside the car so I don't know what
is happening under driving conditions. Outside the car if I rev the engine the sound does not seem to change pitch but remains the same. With head deep under the hood it sounds like it is coming from the back of the engine compartment where the bell housing mounts to the block.
 Also if I turn the car off then restart it the sound is gone until I rev the motor a little. Then the
sound (a whiny semi metalic sound) returns. Before I have my mechanic do a $1200 clutch job
I want to be sure to figure out this problem. I's be very unhappy to find the problem still there after

Anton J. Gaidos, III
Mentor Graphics, Silicon Valley Headquarters
San Jose, Ca.

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>  My question is what experiences have you all had with throw out bearings?
> Mine is noisy but the clutch pedal is smooth. Anyone driven thousands of
> miles with a noisy throw out bearing? Any info, experiences or suggestions
> would be greatly appreciated.
.. remember that the TOB should not make any noise at all when the clutch
is released.  If you hear noise with the clutch released only in neutral it
is the pilot bearing.  If the noise is happening while the car is running in
gear with the clutch released it's something other than the TOB or Pilot
Bearing.   I remember you said something about frequency not changing as
engine speed changes ... does it seem to follow wheel speed?  If so it may
be a wheel bearing or one of the bearings in the prop shaft ...