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Re: Friends don't let friends drive on Michelins in the rain.

	Read your short treatise on tires.  I've run Michelins in the past, but not
on quats, so can't say much except that I did not experience the problems you
have.  They were one of the few tires I was able to get 30K+ miles per set
from, most last only about 20K with my driving style.  Those wonderful
Aquatred rain tires only lasted 17K before they were completely gone away.
	I'm currently on my third set of Bridgestone RE930s on my '87 5KTQ.  Been
very pleased with them except for one short period of time.  For some reason,
and I do not recall the "why", I dropped the air pressure to less than 30
p.s.i.  During that time they became VERY squirrelly in the rain.  I even
learned how to hydroplane at 80 mph and recover.  (Not intentionally, and
definitely not gracefully.)  Which sounds exactly like the problem you've
described.  I've since kept them at 32 p.s.i., or more, to avoid a repeat.
This was a very wet spring and there were no problems.
	So there's a possibility that the problem could be a) a mismatch between
Michelins and the quats, or b) a mismatch on the air pressure they put in
	On another brand, the 4KQ I bought from John Mallick had Comp T/As on it.
Took some "15 mph" marked corners in West Virginia (north of Robert Myers) at
45 mph with absolutely no tire squeal.  So I'm impressed so far.  Haven't had
them out in the rain, yet, though.  But I will.