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Re: Ignition Wires???

I would start by measuring the wires.  Sparks should be about 1.7 k ohms
and coil wire 6k?  I think.   Look it up first.  Why replace them if
they aren't the problem?  Mine were ok when I replaced my plugs - which
*were* a problem...

AUDIocee Diocee wrote:
>      Just a quick question, I am thinking of replacing my ignition wires
> to hopefully 'cure' my hiccup problem with my car. (Where it just dies
> under acceleration for a split second on a hot/humid day.)  I am not
> sure what to get, every brand claims they are the best.  I was told to
> use Bosch, then I saw Autobahn offer wires also.  Magnecore's also
> caught my attention.  What's a good wire for reasonable price? Anyone
> BTDT???

Huw Powell