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Re: Recom. 4kq brake pads & good source for ATE Powerdiscs

"Greg East" <gregeast@frii.com> wrote:
> I'm using ATE Powediscs and Ferodo 'sport' pads on my '86 4kcsq and am
> very happy with them. I borrowed a friends G-tech pro and did some 60-0
> before and afters. Average run before was 170 feet. Average run after was
> 135 feet. Admittedly the brakes were in bad shape before the Ferodo's,
> Powediscs, and stainless lines, but 35 feet is about 3 car lengths!
> I bought all the parts from German Parts and Restoration,
> www.gprparts.com.

The Parts Connection (http://www.thepartsconnection.com/) also has them.  
They have good prices, and Rod is a good guy to deal with.