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Re: Urq MB

OK sorry forgot the final question, the period of overboost given by the
WOT, how does this translate onto the power curve... it obviously depends on
the rpm at the moment the extra arrives....  Spitze = peak, all the rest of
your translation verified by my German wife!

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
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Date: 10 July 1998 14:09
Subject: Urq MB

>In message <0025663D.00401962.00@smtpmta.mandg.co.uk>
Daryl_Roxburgh@mandg.co.uk writes:
>> Would anyone like to comment on the following statements made by my
>> regarding my MB Urq:
>Boy, have you found a garage that knows _NOTHING_ about MBs!
>Comments in response are taken from:
>     "Reparaturleitfaden Audi quattro - 2,14-u. 2,22 l Einspritzmotor
>      (K-Jetronic, Abgasturbolader) Ausgabe 10/87   D 000.5147.00.00"
>I only have it in German, I'm afraid.  But it IS the original factory
>> 1    MB purely mechanical control of boost, no electrical control
>Frame 21.8     Describes how to test maximum turbo boost pressure.
>Frame 21:9    "Werden die Sollwerte nicht erreicht, Ansteuerung des
>               Magnetventils fuer Ladedruckbegrenzung (...) pruefen."
>Frame 28:107:  The test for the "Magnetventil fuer
>               Ladedruckbegrenzung" - "Magnetic valve for turbo boost
>               limiting."  Frame 28:108 shows how to test continuity
>               to the ECU.  Pin 19 of the ECU drives the grey/yellow
>               wire on the valve.
>So the _FIRST_ thing you do if boost is unsatisfactory is test an
>_electrical_ part that's controlled by the ECU.  Looks like ECU boost
>control to me.
>You will further notice (Frames 21-3 and 21.9) that the WR engine's
>boost test has to be corrected for ambient temperature whereas the
>MB's does not.  The reason is that the MB's boost is electronically
>controlled - a specific range of values is given rather than a graph.
>> 2    WR & MB turbo's are the same size, only the cooling is different
>That has to come from someone who's never held one in each hand.
>> 3    WOT switch has no effect on boost
>This is a troll, right?  Nobody is THAT stupid!
>> 4    There is no overboost on an MB, only on a 20V
>Frame 21.9:   "Hinweise:  Es tritt fuer ca. 1 - 2 Sekunden
>               eine Spitze beim Messen des Ladedrucks auf,
>               die jedoch nicht gemessen werden darf."
>That "Spitze" (look it up) is the overboost.
>> 5    Diff locks are never used so don't expect then to work therefore not
>>      warrenty item
>Same could apply to the ABS ...
>> 6    WOT switch just needs cleaning not replacing, no its not a sealed
>It takes me a couple of hours to open one up.  At GBP30 an hour, GBP38
>for a new one is a snitch.
>> BTW has anyone else seen a Hitachi ECU with what looks like a German
>> factory fitted chip with a paper label with writing on, and
>> spreading of the laquer where the chip has been removed/inserted?
>> Interesting point is the fact that it looks like factory fitting,
>> not an aftermarket from the history.
>No.  I've looked inside a dozen or so, and only ever found an aluminised
>foil sticker saying "MAC12D" in dox matrix letters, printed on the label
>in portrait orientation.
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