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Waiting? (was:new ads)


I guess I'm a bit confused.  Did you get a 98 A6q or the GS300?  Or both ;-)

And on a side note.  Wondering how long most dealers are saying for waits?
Tiff and I drove an A4q, sprts, 5spd, Avt a few weeks ago.  Dealer also had
an order "in line" that we could modify to our own likes.  He claimed 4~6
weeks to get that one. Figured I'd wait for the syncro to show before
ordering, but after seeing the factory the A4 is looking sweet!  I have to
question the 9 month wait given to you...no wayyyyyy.  Other recent
experiences please chime in...

Can definitely confirm the expenses of our area (650 by night, 408 by day)
and requisite non-deal making.

P.S.  I'm guessing your biz is with wine;  right?    ;-)

Derek Daily
Saratoga/San Mateo
90 CQ
86 VW qsw

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> the prices
> came down a bit recently, but for example a4q have a 6 months or longer
> wait, and a4q avant with a stick shift, sport package and leather (the
> other option we entertained for the new car) would have been a 9 month
> wait.
> it is also important to note that this area (650/415/408 area code) is
> very
> expensive in general, dealers are less inclined to lower their cut,
> salesmen have to pay the same rents, mortgages and gasoline prices as the
> rest of us (and that's often 50-100% above what the rest of the country
> pays) and bargains on hot cars are hard to get.