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FW: Anyone going to Watkins Glen July 13-14??

In addition to these impeccable credentials, I can vouch that her enunciation is flawless.

--Eric B. Geller
'91 200tq
'87 4000csq
'82 4000 (formerly)


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As to personals, I am female, 5'7", 132 lbs, have done the SCCA
Competition Drivers School at Moroso (June, '98), Porsche Club Driving
School at Homestead (January, '96), Skip Barber 3 Day Formula Ford
Drivers School at Sebring (April '92 or '93, I forget) and was Regional
Class Champion (HS) for SCCA Solo II '92 and '93 in the Buccaneer
Region.  And I am not a dog.