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It never ends (MA listers, need your help)

This is a bit long and ventish, but please read...

Mom is recovering with her busted foot, and yesterday we had a chat
about her car.  I suggested that since it may up to a year before
she can use a clutch again, that either we a) buy a cheap used 
automatic, or b) sell her 89 Toyota Corolla Alltrac and get
something like a lease on a new Golf ($169/mo for 2 years).
My grandfather nixed the idea, saying my mom could have his 
Chevy Nova (ie Corolla) and he'd drive her car, despite having a
bad shoulder, which is why he got an automatic to begin with.

My sister was on her way to Cape Cod earlier today, and I told
her to take Mom's car since her Jetta needs balljoints.  She
called a while ago (WHY do I keep getting these calls on Saturday!?!)
and she was rearended in Dartmouth, MA.  She had run out of gas and
was getting back to the highway.  She's OK, but the car is not
drivable as per her description.

Her boyfriend went out to get her and they will be staying the weekend
out in Cape Cod, but I need to figure out how to get her car
back. If anyone is out in that area (Dartmouth) please email
me or call 914-245-6650.

I can't get mapsonus.com to route to Cape Cod, MA - it can't find it!

Also, if anyone is selling a reliable (ha!) automatic car for little
money, let me know.  There is a 5000s auto near here that I will
try to look at.


| Dan |
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