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Crazy Glue repairs (was V8Q: Parts?)

Ref:  Your note of Sat, 11 Jul 1998 08:59:42 EDT

>>Steve said-I need V8 parts:
>> o Grille for the Bose speaker in the front passenger's side door (lower) -
>>441 035 406 A 7CX (platinum grey)

>Frank replied:
>Have you thought about carefully gluing the grill cracks? Thats what I did.

I have had good luck with a toothpick mix of powdered graphite and crazy-
glue.  This mixture cures a bit slower than c-g plain and is somewhat
flexible and gap filling.  Experiment.

If appearance allows, a filet of baking soda on the inside will
harden into a structural material with the application of some more c-g.
Practice on some junk, cause this hardens IMMEDIATELY.  For a smoother
filet, I sometimes draw a bead of glue and sprinkle or puff the bicarb
onto it until saturated.  Magic marker will provide the color of
your choice after sanding or filing or not.