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Re: Back from Audi, etc...(LONG)

"Edward Pants, Esq." <monkey@interlog.com> wrote:

>Say, When you say oxidized, do you mean it looks dull and flat? If so,
>is this a common thing, this oxidized Red? My previous CQ20v was
>red and it developed a "sick left side". The paint looked all
>dull, like I couldn't get wax off or something.  Also, just yesterday
>I took a peek at red 1986 CGT, with the same problem with its red
>paint (aside from the major rust problem it seemed to have as well...)
>Just curious, and hoping it doesn't happen to my shiny pearl white...

That's one of the benefits of a clearcoated paint- a high resistance to
'powdering'. Red seems to be especially prone to doing this, unfortunately,
but I've also seen it on white (my parents' '90 Golf's a 'good' example)
and dark blue cars.

Keep it waxed, wash it regularly with clean water and, if possible, keep it
out of direct sunlight when parked (such as in a garage or under a cover).
The climate seems to be a main factor, but cars here in -mostly rainy-
Holland suffer as well.