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Re: H4 Alignment 

A fee weeks ago I purchased a set of the Bosch H4's for the Coupe through Metrix Canada.

When I spoke to Metrix about these lights I asked the question of alignment.  Phillip said they were factory aligned.

I installed these the other day and noticed a huge, absolutely unbelievable improvement over the stock lights (high-beam).  I can actually see more than 150' down the road and I didn't even need to restore to my Popeye imitation.

However, low-beams were great for about 3 car lengths, then nothing.  I mean it was if someone literally put up a wall - obviously they are not aligned.

So, I went to the garage and got out the nifty little head lamp alignment tool and surprise surprise - no nipples on the lenses for alignment.

Question is...since I'm going to be doing this by guess and by god, what's the procedure to align these.

Lost in the dark on the North Shore of Lake Erie