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200q charging sytstem question...

This morning, I finished up the external voltage regular conversion on my
200q (keep an eye out for photos & instructions at my web site) and cured
one problem only to uncover another: Voltage at the alternator @ idle:
13.5-13.9; voltage at the batter post is the same; voltage at the battery is
12.9-13.3, an average voltage drop of 1+v drop from the alternator ...
interestingly, the dash gauge reads 11.5-12 volts and the diagnostics in the
radio read 10.1-11.7 volts.  This is with a/c and the rad fan on.

What is the typical voltage drop between the alternator and battery in a
200q?  I think Scott Mo. recently posted something about the cable under the
passenger carpeting going bad but since my car is sitting in 112-degree
sunshine at the moment, the carpet is HOT regardless and I haven't pulled up
the carpet to check on the quality of the connection yet. 

I've been having an intermittent problem with the battery not holding a
charge when the outside temp is over 100 degrees and since both the battery
and alternator tested fine, I assumed this was a symptom of the typical
"sluggish" Bosch voltage regulator ... if I have overlooked something here
or you have any suggestions for me, please let me know.
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