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Re: cameraderie?

I grew up with Corvettes.  You know, all the corvette owners give thumbs up,
right?  Sure, that stopped in the 80's.  Either the pople in the new ones
thought they were hot sh*t in their $50k+ cars and ignored you, or the
people in some of the 60's cars (like our) bought them because of the price
speculation, trying to cash in on the value.  Few people really respond to
the thumbs up in Vettes, and even less so for something more "common" as a
general Audi. True, most people are driving auto, 1.8s, front drivers, gold
package, no mods cause the car is "the hot car" of the moment.  I ignore
most people, and make eye contact with the S4/S6, UrQ, 200tq, etc people.  I
try to talk to the others, but there is too much going on behind the wheel
to wave, etc.  It just isn't happening, here in the US.

'96 A4q
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Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 9:52 PM
Subject: cameraderie?

>   I've seen some posts refering to cameraderie between Audi owners,
>some deriding the general public that seems to have caught on to the4
>many virtues of the A4. All I can say is that as I drive around, the
>only peaple I really see driving Audis tend to be yuppie houswives in
>100 s's or earlier A6's, with some men also driving the same models, or
>maybee the occasional S4 or S6 thrown in for good measure.  Though I try
>to wave or otherwise show brotherhood, I am always ignored. I get more
>attention from Porsche drivers{usually asking if my tornado red 87.5 CGT
>is for sale.  What gives?  So what if I'm a shaved headed, goateed,
>30-something that doesn't wear a suit.  It almost makes me want to sell
>my coupe{although I LOVE the car} and get an Alfa Romeo.  At least you
>REALLY have to be a car guy to drive one of those.  Come to think about
>it, I didn't see a heck of a lot of headlights flashing when I had a
>164. Maybee I should just shut up and enjoy the car.......
>Mark Busse
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