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Re: spotted: FS 90 V8Q

I can vouch for the quality of service at J&M in Ft Fun. When I lived up there
going to school, they did most of the work on my '86 5000 TQW and '92 GTI 16v.
It is by far the best place for the money to get a car serviced in the Ft
Collins area.

Osman Parvez wrote:

> While in Fort Collins, CO I stopped by a shop to have my oil changed on the
> A6 for my return leg to NY from Pikes Peak. I saw this car on the lot...
> 1990 V8Q, Silver on Black, Automatic. 52,000miles. Asking $12,500.
> I didn't get a chance to drive the car but it looked very clean. The shop
> co-owner was very helpful and polite.
> Oh yeah.. the car is at : J&M Precisiion Import Car Service
>                                     425 N. College Ave
>                                     Fort Collins, CO 80524
>                                     ph: 221-2754
> No affiliation, usual disclaimers.
> Osman Parvez
> Albany, NY
> 89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
> 92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale
> 96 A6q (Mom's)