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S1 on tv

VOX showed a 5 minute section of the S1 in their 'Auto Motor und Sport'
programme this afternoon - pity that I could understand only one word in ten
of the German commentary. A very smart quattro Sport was the featured car
(index IN C 1569), the only one that I've ever seen with only the left-hand
door mirror fitted. A few shots of rally S1s in full flight (literally in
some cases) were cut in too.

Saw a new ad for the A3 during the programme - Girl is undergoing a
polygraph test, being shown lots of pictures and being asked if she finds
them attractive (? I'm not that sure, it was beyond my German). The answer
each time is "No" with no reaction from the sensors, then shes shown a
picture of an A3 and all the traces go off the scale.

Jim Haseltine