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help with sheared bolts?


I recently replaced the front disks and pads on my 85 , uk, 80 sport 
, with no problem but noticed that the braking was still poor feeling 
spongy and lacking power... so I decided to bleed the system.

starting with the back right drum, I began to twist off the bleed 
screw and the thing was stiff and just broke when I turned it. Then I 
thought how the hell am I going to get this off- you can't exactly 
drill it out and use a reversed threaded bolt can u? - does antyone 
have any tips?

I decided it was best to take the drum off so I cot my big wrench out 
and the right sockket and started to turn the four bolts off. - Got 3 
off fine but then the last one just sheared off. Does anyone have any 
tips for removing the rest of the bolt? Can I just put it back on 
with 3 bolts? instead of the 4?

This problem seems to be happening alot to me.- Am I just unlucky or 
is there a special technique? ( like the hair dryer for removing 

I'm starting to feel the value of new cars..

Thanks for any help.