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Re: Watkins Glen

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the all the "feedback."  However, I didn't get a single
message from anyone going for the event.  Guess that's because the event
is mid-week, and NOT because nobody wants to share....oh well....Sebring
was killer, and I'm beat (as in exhausted....95 degrees in the shade!)
Oh yeah, and as Eric Geller reminded me, I needed to mention, I'm

The only reason I mention weight and height is that I figured, the way
you guys talk about tweeking your cars, I figured MOST of you are riding
around in Recaro race seats, bolted to your roll cages.....and you guys
wouldn't miss a shot at Watkins Glen in your Quattros....guess I was
wrong.  Just so you know, the answer is NO, I DON'T drive like Hans
Stuck, but give me time!

I AM going to start looking for sponsorship so I can afford racing, and
I think women are missing a great opportunity for marketing (to pay for
the racing...the field is wide open).  So what I am saying is I will be
setting up a site with photos...so you can see my cool (formerly owned)
quattros and check out the "babe" aspect!

Lindsey B.