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RE: trivia question

Eaton Dave decided to speak these words:

>ahh, easy.  the castillisa (sp?) designed by the herr dockter for a fee
>mostly consisting of a "get out of [french] jail free" card.  1949 if
>memory serves.  only 2 (1?) were ever made, and never raced.

Actually, the first 4wd car was in 1902 designed by Jacobus Spyker.  It 
won the Birmingham Motor Club hillclimb in 1906.  Porsche's car was the 

>starter for 10, what was the 1st awd car raced in a grand prix?  and the

Well, in 1961, Ferguson Research Ltd created one that won the Oulton Park 
Gold cup race with Stirling moss as the driver.

BRM had one in 65

McLaren had the M9

Lotus had the 63 iun 1969

The Matra MS84 in 1969....


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