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cars on the side of the road

We came across a DOTSOTR (dead on the side of...well...you know)
and stopped to help.  It turned out to be a black quat 44 with
gold badges on it.  I've never seen these gold badges.  Anyhow,
turned out the alt. belt was...ah...missing.  Got the trusty
Lycra (tm) panty hose out of the trunk (not too much weight there
Phil) and fashioned an alt. belt.  Jumped the car and away we
went to try and find an alt. belt...on Sunday.  Well, you can
guess the rest.  Thirty km's on that 'lycra' belt got her damn
close to home (I say that because we departed on an off ramp and
she indicated there were only a couple of km to go).

This was a local plate, NS...as in Canada, I didn't get the
number, but I would appreciate any info on whether this was a
'special edition' Audi.  Had all the usual for a 5000 CD, no
turbo.  I asked her a few questions but it was just a car to
her.  Gave is all a big hug tho'...comrades in 'arms.'