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RE: cameraderie?

Hey Jon, I'm not offended :)

But also don't get me wrong, I got the Tip only because here is SoCal, my
job requires me to drive man miles, and so to be stuck in traffic with a
5spd is murder on me. At least with the Tip, I can still somewhat shift like
a 5spd. And considering my 2nd car was a 68 Spitfire that didn't have syncro
in 1st gear, well, . . . . .

Anyway, this coming weekend I have 2 SCCA autocrosses I will be entering in,
and am excited to see how the Tip will do, if I can be competitive. If not,
well, I have a law suit pending, and perhaps if I win it, I will exchange
mine for a Quattro 5spd. Till then, . . . . .

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> Sent: Sunday, July 12, 1998 7:18 PM
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> Subject: Re: cameraderie?
> Mike-
> I don't, but I realized that there are people JUST like you who don't
> need/want quattro and/or can't drive a stick -- steve pitts from
> AudiCar and
> Wetteraurer comes to mind.  That's why I threw the comment about the gold
> package in.  However, here in DC/VA the people I see the most in Old Town
> Alexandria have an A4 just like that...and I stop and talk to
> them and they
> have no clue about the car (I'm trying to start a chapter of
> QCUSA here, so
> I talk to EVERYONE with an Audi).  The biggest offenders are A6 owners.
> They get the car loaded, but don't know what the car is good for, for the
> most part.
> Unfortunately, the miute I make even a minor generalization, I end up
> offending someone.  I should have just said "base model, stripped, no mods
> EVER" instead of being specific.  I apologize, and hope you won't hold it
> against me.
> Jon
> njconn@msn.com
> '96 A4q
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> Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 6:58 PM
> Subject: RE: cameraderie?
> >Hey Jon, I take exception to that.
> >
> >I have a 1998 A4 FWD Auto/Tip, but I am not one of those you generalized
> on.
> >I have a Neuspeed chip, and plan on doing other mods soon as I can afford
> >them. And Paul Rivera knows I don't set my car up just for
> looks, as I will
> >be going back to autocrossing very soon, July 18th & 19th. And I
> also can't
> >wait for some serious REAL track time (Thunderhill and Buttonwillow) soon
> as
> >I can afford it too.
> >
> >Also I try to wave or flash my lights at ANY Audi, but yes, it
> seems I get
> >ignored. Sometimes I think it is only me that gets excited to see another
> >car like mine (A4), sadly. But I will still keep on trying. And every
> chance
> >I get I try to tell Audi owners about both the Quattro Club and
> the A4org.
> >
> >And as for my credentials, I have raced in SCCA from 1974 till 1987. So I
> >don't just think of a car as a means to get somewhere. It is a
> part of me.
> >
> >So please don't think all A4 owners are not enthusiasts.
> >
> >
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> >> Subject: Re: cameraderie?
> >>
> >>
> >> I grew up with Corvettes.  You know, all the corvette owners give
> >> thumbs up,
> >> right?  Sure, that stopped in the 80's.  Either the pople in
> the new ones
> >> thought they were hot sh*t in their $50k+ cars and ignored you, or the
> >> people in some of the 60's cars (like our) bought them because of
> >> the price
> >> speculation, trying to cash in on the value.  Few people really respond
> to
> >> the thumbs up in Vettes, and even less so for something more
> "common" as
> a
> >> general Audi. True, most people are driving auto, 1.8s, front
> >> drivers, gold
> >> package, no mods cause the car is "the hot car" of the moment.
>  I ignore
> >> most people, and make eye contact with the S4/S6, UrQ, 200tq, etc
> >> people.  I
> >> try to talk to the others, but there is too much going on behind the
> wheel
> >> to wave, etc.  It just isn't happening, here in the US.
> >>
> >> Jon
> >> njconn@msn.com
> >> '96 A4q
> >> ICQ#8826028
> >