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Wrecking Yards Full of Audi's

OK.  This time I actually posted to the whole list.  I guess I should pay
attention to where I'm sending my mail.  You think I'd have learned from
my last "incident".  Anyways, they are in San Diego, California.  They're
called "Ecology Auto Wrecking".  You pay a buck, ($1.00) to get in, and
then you search through hugh yards for your part.  The prices are set, so
no need to haggle, which is kind of nice for a change.  I bought the side
marker lights off a older 4000 (81-84) for five bucks.  Steering
wheels-$25.  Any rim-$10, $13 with a tire on it.  Both front seats, and
the rear bench for a Coupe-about $100!  They usually have older 4k's and
5k's, but I've seen an influx of 100's and 200's, as well.  Coupes are
still rare, as are quattros, but I have seen them recently.  

Their are four Ecology wrecking yards in San Diego:  three near the
international border, (One large yard for any car/truck, one that's just
imports, and one for domestics), and one in Oceanside.  The bad thing is
that mechanics from both the U.S. and Mexico swarm through the yards on
the weekdays, snatching up all the good, refurbishable and
hard-to-get-at-the-dealership parts, like power window switches.  Other
than that, it's a great place to get trim pieces, full-sized spares,
interior pieces, (like seats!), and other odds and ends.  I lead an
expedition down there about once a month, so if anyone's interested in a
certain part, I'll keep a look out for it.  But don't expect me to find
you any "special build" parts, or a sport quattro block, or anything like
that!  Yeah, right, like I'd tell you all if I did!  [8^)  But knowing my
track record so far....


On Sun, 12 Jul 1998 21:18:09 EDT Cyclepimp@aol.com writes:
>hey, you mind telling me where this junk yard is too?
>thanks, Bob

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