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v6 power

I purchased a 94 100cs quattro about 6 months ago.  While I still like and
have a 1987 5000cs quattro, Audi took the 94 a significant step up  in
interior comfort, quietness, ride, handling, etc.   My
mechanic who is very particular said that it is one of the best overall
thoughtfully designed cars, and rock solid.  The only complaint is that is
could use more power.  After our conversation, I went home and installed
new plugs.  This did help -- it seems the car moves up to 4000rpm in
first, shifts into second and agains smoothly climbs on until it shifts
agin.  In the past, if I wanted to make it step out smartly, I had to
manually shift it and really trompt the gas.  New sparkplugs do make a
difference,  I bought the car with 50k and I suspect that it never had the
plugs changed unless audi does it as a part of their standard maintance.

This leads to a question - is their any suggestions on improving the v6
power.  What personal experience has anyone had with Shamburg
throttlebody conversion.  What trade was there if any.

Also, was looking under car on last oil change and speculated that this
was going to be a very expensive exhaust system to replace someday.  It
seemed that there was a pair of everything. Is there a decent aftermarket
parts manfacturer and supplier?    Geroge k.  jkot@pitt.edu