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Re: 1996 V6 updates?

Elliott Potter wrote:

> I was reading a review of the 1996 Cabriolet, and it says that "for
> 1996, the Cabriolet's engine responds to throttle inputs better due to a
> new throttle linkage and revised transmission software."  Does anyone
> have details on this?  Especially the updated throttle linkage?

I don't know much, but here's what I've gathered: it's a cheap trick.

The "original" V6 throttle linkage was very linear, with a long travel.
Once you get used to it, it's great: very precise throttle control,
easy cruising (i.e. it's not touchy), wonderful in high speed corners
to control the line.

However, it gave most Americans the impression that the motor was dead,
especially with an automatic. So, Audi "fixed" it by slapping a GM-style
digressive linkage on it: the first bit of travel snaps the throttle
open a good amount to give you that shove in the back, and then resumes
a more conservative progression.

I've never driven a later "old" A6 with this linkage so I don't know
what it's really like. Dunno if they carried it over to the A4 and
later to the 30V or not...

1993 90CS