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Idle Switch Adjusting - How?

Installed a new idle and full throttle switch over the weekend on my 88

On my old switch when I moved the throttle about .5mm, I would get
infinite ohms.  This was testing on pin 1 and 2 (2 and 3 gives infinte
at 85% open which did'nt occur on old switch).  I don't get it.  Bentley
"...measurement is made with a feeler gauge between the throttle valve
stop and the adjustment screw.
Resistance should change from 0 ohms (throttle closed) to infinte ohms
as throttle gap increases beyond 0.5mm.
If no adjust idle switch (gap a)  "

Then it shows a picture which seems to confuse me even more.

What's confusing me is should there be a gap between the adjustment
screw and the throttle valve?  Right now the screw is touching the
valve.  Bentley also says the stop screw is set at the factory and
should not be moved.

So to adjust this, do I adjust the stop screw (which is a no! no!) or
the idle switch which is very hard to get at and took me about an hour
to install.

88 80q