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Re: Audi 100 dash check light (fwd)

At 09:53 AM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>To:   quattro
>Andy, and others,
>There is a tsb that comes close, but it's not exactly what you are
>describing. Your '89 100 falls just before this tsb's scope, but I'll
>forward this info anyway.
>Group: 90
>Number: 94-02
>Date: Aug. 1, 1994
>Subject: Auto - Check Display, display errors
>Models: 100 from 1991
>Supercedes: Group 96, 91-01, 4/30/91
> - with radio on, Auto - Check display shows horizontal bars or lines
>instead of radio frequency.
> - unrecognizable Auto - Check display - part of display is missing
> - brake pad indicator light illuminates intermittently. (brake pads,
>sensor, and wiring are in good condition).
> - oil warning light illuminates.
>The radio frequency is displayed only on vehicles equipped with this
>Service solution:
>If any of the above conditions exists replace the Auto - Check circuit

Wrong, Sean!  Proper technique:  Open the instrument cluster (IC), open the
hinged rear cover of the IC.  Clean the two rows of connecters thus
exposed.  Put it back together.

The Audi recommended procedure will probably work also since it involved
opening and closing the hinged rear cover of the IC.  It also generates $$$
for Audi.

The oil and brake warning lights are most likely related to a weak
alternator output (bad voltage regulator).  The brake warning is also quite
commonly caused by a slightly low pentosin level in the reservoir.  This
sensor is extremely sensitive to even slightly low pentosin levels.

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