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Idle Hunting - Solved

After I installed (with the help of a friend) the idle/full throttle
switch the car no longer "idle hunts".  Also, when the AC is switched on
(full), the rpm does not drop anymore.  The idle is stable at just over
750 rpm.

I replaced the switches after I cleaned the ISV a couple of times.  Cost
about $106 from HBL which is cheaper than an ISV at ~$312.

I know a number of people were trying to resolve the issue of idle
hunting and low rpm when AC kicks in.  For me, replacing the
idle/throttle switches seems to have worked.  The only problem I'm
having now is that the idle drops to around 250 - 500 rpm when coming to
a stop but then goes back to normal 750 rpm - fix one bug and another
shows up!  This sounds like minor adjustment which I'm hoping someone
can give some advice on.

If anyone needs some info on how to do the install let me know (and
hopefully the adjustment).


88 80q

PS thanks to Bob Myers, Brett Dikeman, Aleksander Mierzwa  for there
help on how to test the switch and Steve Manning on which device could
be causing the problems.