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200q charging sytstem question...


That was me on the charging woes....

I've been through this on my wife's 89 100 Avant.

Quick check,  Grab the multimeter with a pin point end.

If you follow the Positive cable from the alternator, it
travels accross the frame rail into the firewall at the
passenger side footwell.

Pull up the carpet on the passenger footwell.

On the top of the footwell on the right side, you'll see the
cable coming through.

Start up the car and check the positive voltage on both side's
of the clamp.  Looks like a 2-3 inch shrinkwrap section on the

On the wife's car it measured 13.7 on the alternator side and 12.5
on the battery side.....

If this is it, I'll post the gory details of my fix for it.... :-)

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