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Easy AC FIX!

I've had my audi for about 4 years now, the AC has never worked.  When I
hit the button you can hear some flaps closing, so the switch is still
good.  I checked the fuses, but still no AC.  Well for the last 3 weeks,
the temp has been unbearable here, I needed AC badly.  So yesterday I
pull my car apart and start looking for something.  I read stuff about
the magnetic clutch going bad, so I was kind of worried.  After 4 hours
of checking circuits, here were the results:
	I find there is no power going to the compressor!
	No power in the fuse box???
	Kept tracing, tracing, and more tracing of wires until...
Right by the (evaporator?), (where the water tray is on the passenger
side inside the car), there is a temperature switch which regulates how
often the compressor is activated.  This switch is gone bad.  I
connected the wires directly to each other, and guess what, AC is
working!!!  It needs a recharge, but hey, the clutch is fine, the
compressor is fine, it was just the switch.  

Just thought I'd let everyone know.

Raj Diocee
-84 4000s 5cyl, no turbo, fwd. with AC blowing!