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Trailer hitches for 200's

Got a minor problem :)

Heading up to upstate NY in one week to go put boats in.  Need a trailer
hitch.  I'm not to game on trying it with a RWD ovloV, even though it's
hard-packed sand.

>From what my father found out, the Volvo hitch is $150ish, while the
200q20v hitch is almost $350, and "every guy I talked to groaned and said
it's a b#tch to install."

I know one lister(with a wagon, I believe) found a hitch to put in; I think
it was a D'lan hitch.  If anyone has a hitch on their 200q20v, please let
me know:
-what kind+manufacturer(I'm looking for pulling 13-15ft whaler/sailboat(15
O'day, 13ft. 1969 whaler[w/40hp-crazy!]) so big, heavy-duty jobbies aren't

-what the labor was on the installation?

Apparently, the source of all the troubles is the exhaust; I took a look at
the muffler myself; it's one weird looking thing.  Looks like a slightly
smooshed, pierced jellybean :)

Any and all answers much appreciated.  I need to have this totally resolved
by Friday afternoon-ish, so I have to figure out what to do in the next day
or so.


91 200q 20v

Brett Dikeman
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